summer school

About the summer school

Materials Science

Raw materials and materials science are critical in the transition towards green energy technologies, environmentally friendly manufacturing and securing sustainable growth for the future.

It's therefore crucial to understand the challenges modern-day industry and consumers are facing for materials science to contribute to the transformation towards more sustainable processes and material choices. During this summer school, participants will be introduced to these challenges and will gain insight into what are the limiting factors for deploying these novel technologies into society.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

A strong theoretical knowledge is required to be able to address these challenges, however, that is not enough to make a real impact and create innovative solutions.

During this summer school participants will therefore work in multidisciplinary teams, combining knowledge and skills from multiple scientific disciplines, while developing their entrepreneurial skills. You will learn how to create your own innovative business project in materials science by developing a solution concept to some of the current challenges in the field of sustainable materials.

Practical details

  • Date: 26 - 30 August 2019
  • Location: Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland
  • Organizing Partners: Aalto University - Finland, KTH - Sweden and KU Leuven - Belgium
  • Credits: 2 ECTS
  • Requirements: Fluent English is required for participation


  • Preparation: Two weeks before the summer school starts, participants will be provided with some background study materials to familiarize themselves with the challenges that will be covered during this summer school. Participants will also do a short literature review of their chosen topic, so they are prepared to start working on their projects on the first day of the summer school.
  • Summer School: During the day participants will work on their own innovative business project in multidisciplinary teams while developing their entrepreneurial skills. The evenings include a complementary program and free time.

Registration, Fees and Scholarships

  • Registration Fee: The summer school is free of charge for all EU citizen university students and for non-EU students that are enrolled full-time to an EU University. Non-EU citizen without study right at EU are welcome to join the summer school for a fee of 500 €.
  • Registration deadline: Registration is open as long as there are free spots or until 18th of August. The summer school is limited to 40 participants.
  • Scholarships: Mobility scholarships are available for EU citizen students and all EU University students. The scholarship covers flights and accommodation from 25th to 31st August.
  • Scholarships deadline: Application before 23rd of June