ku leuven Student Portal

Student Portal

KU Leuven uses the Toledo platform. This is a Blackboard based learning platform where the student can find:

  • Course material
  • Agenda
  • Assignments
  • All info on the interactive webinars in this course
  • Communication details teachers and students

Gaining access

In order for non-KU Leuven students to get access to the Toledo website of the course, they first need to inform the teacher of the course who will register them as an external users. After registration, the external user will receive the necessary instructions to activate the account by setting a password. Once this procedure is fulfilled, access to the Toledo course will be granted.

How to use it

More instructions on how to use the Toledo platform can be found in the top navigation bar (after logging in) of the platform under the HELP icon.

A student manual (in English) is also available.