Fall school 2020

About the Fall school

Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Materials Science

Raw materials and materials science are critical in the transition towards green energy technologies, environmentally friendly manufacturing and securing sustainable growth for the future.

It is therefore crucial to understand the challenges modern-day industry and consumers are facing for materials science to contribute to the transformation towards more advanced, sustainable manufacturing processes and material choices. During this fall school, participants will be introduced to the challenges and opportunities associated with advanced steel processing techniques and advanced steel properties and will gain insight into what are the limiting factors for deploying these novel technologies into society.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

During this fall school, participants will therefore get a change to get in contact with the leading industry partners in the European steel industry. Each webinar will include presentations by the steel industry partner itself, a VR visit to the actual location and group discussions.

Practical details

  • Date: 6 - 20 October and 3 - 11 November 2020

  • Location: Online, hosted by Triple Steelix and KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden

  • Organizing Partners: Aalto University - Finland, KTH - Sweden and KU Leuven - Belgium

  • Requirements: Fluent English is required for participation


Each webinar will include presentations by the steel industry, VR visits to the participating industry and group discussions.


  • Registration Fee: The fall school is free of charge for all EU citizen university students and for non-EU students that are enrolled full-time to an EU University.

summer school 2019

Thank you to all participants of the DiENT 2019 Summer School held at Aalto university - Helsinki (Finland).

Some impressions and testimonials can be found in the video below.