Group Research Assignments in Functional Materials

course description

Using digital communication tools, students from different universities will work in small groups on a real research or design project, provided by a company in the functional materials field. The group will be responsible for all different aspects: project management, actual implementation and results reporting. During the course 7-8 interactive webinar sessions will be organised on the following topics:

  • Teams and roles in teams

  • How to start solving an ambiguous problem

  • The company perspective to the problem in questions

  • Entrepreneurial mindset

  • Pitching and presenting using digital tools

course video

Practical details

  • Timing: September 2019-December 2019

  • Organizing institution: School of Chemical Engineering, Aalto University, Finland

  • Credits: 5 ECTS


  • Start: Campus meeting in September (during Week 33)

  • During: Interactive webinars with accompanying assignments are held approximately every second week

  • End: Final presentation (performed digitally) in the beginning of December

How to apply?

Aalto students

Enroll in the course using WebOODI.

KTH and Leuven students

  • Contact the teacher by email before September 2020

  • Students outside Aalto will be giving partial study right to Aalto for this course

  • When the enrollment is completed, the Aalto student portal will be accessible

Course materials

All course materials will be provided by the teachers using the the Aalto student portal.