Biomaterials and tissue engineering

course description

In this course we discuss the metals, polymers and ceramics used in implants and medical devices. These medical applications place specific and high demands on these materials, both regarding mechanical, chemical and biological aspects. These are thus also the topics which will be covered in a systemic way during the lectures:

  1. Mechanical properties of materials
    • Elastic and plastic behavior
    • Material failure (plastic deformation, breakage, fatigue, wear)
  2. Chemical and biological interaction with the body
    • Biocompatibility
    • Corrosion
  3. Application examples
    • Orthopedic
    • Cardiovascular
    • Soft tissue replacement

In between the lectures, students will apply their newly acquired knowledge in a case study in which they will (re)design a medical device. During this project, they will also train other skills (such as team work, project management, entrepreneurial skills, user centred design).

Practical details

  • Timing: September 2019 - June 2020
  • Organizing institution: Faculty of Engineering Technology, KU Leuven, Belgium
  • Credits: 5 ECTS


  • Start: Introductory webinar (meeting for local students) in September (during week 39)
  • During: Knowledge clips and interactive webinars are offered approximately every second week. In between, students work (in small teams or individually) on assignments.
  • End: Final team presentation of project work (via webinar) in the middle of May. Exam in the month of June.

How to apply?

KU Leuven students

Enroll in the course using Toledo.

KTH and Aalto students

Course materials

All course materials will be provided by the teachers using the the KU Leuven student portal.